Debt Crisis

Out of control U.S. Federal Debt is one of the biggest threats to our individual freedoms in the U.S.  We must have a national movement by the citizens of the United States if we are going to see the U.S. move toward Debt Freedom.


Democrats, Independents, Republicans and others are to blame for the runaway spending that has lead to our current $19 plus Trillion U.S. Federal Debt.  Bottom line: we have experienced runaway expansion of Government spending and Government programs for the past two decades.

We must demand aggressive changes to our national financial policy now.  Micro changes to this national policy won’t save our country; we must demand major changes now.  Politicians won’t get us out of this mess, only the mass election of “Patriots” and old fashion “Statesman” will make the change possible.  Politicians don’t have the will power to make the unpopular changes required to get us out of this mess.  Historically, a Republican controlled congress has proven to slow growth, but not reduce the growth of the debt.




Elected Politicians and Bureaucrats got us into this mess and there is no wisdom in depending on them to come up with the plan to get us out of Debt.  Without a new vision and aggressive action toward Debt Freedom, we will lose many of our personal freedoms.

The real question now isn’t, “Who Created the Debt?” But, “What is the Plan to Eliminate the Debt?


This website is focused on a practical plan to eliminate the U.S. Federal Debt!

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Good News

If there is any GOOD NEWS in this whole huge mess this might be it:

The same basic principles that work for individual families striving to get out of debt will work for the U.S.

It won’t be easy or without a growing amount of pain, but it can work.

Hundreds of Thousands of U.S. families over the past two decade have worked their way into Debt Freedom.  It takes changes in lifestyle and spending habits, but with the commitment to those changes, multiplied thousands of families are now living without the pressure and control of Debt.

Additionally, these same principles have been applied to thousands of organizations that have become Debt Free and are now able to function without the crushing pressure of Debt.

None of these families or organizations had the financial resources of the U.S. Government.  However, they did have the will to get out of debt.  The citizens of the U.S. have that will and it must be exerted on our political leaders.

30,000 Foot View

Being from West Texas and influenced by Grandparents and Parents who had survived the Great Depression, this is very practical.  (Most things are in West Texas.)

1) Spend less than you make.

2) Apply the difference to Debt.

3) Stop getting into new Debt.

This is a simple truth that has worked for past generations and is working for families and organizations across the U.S.  It is now time for the U.S. Government to live by those same simple rules.





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FaceThedebt – Plan

The plan is broken into four basic elements:

 1) Identify the problem

2) Identify the plan

3) Work the plan.

4) Be transparent and accountable.

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The Plan

Identify the problem

For over two decades the U.S. has experienced “out of control” deficit spending and exponential government expansion, resulting in a debt burden to the citizens of over $19 trillion.

Identify the Plan

Following are twelve practical action steps to radically reduce spending, identify sources of additional (non-tax) revenue, and specific action steps to paying off the U.S. Federal Debt.  Hold elected Politicians and Bureaucrats responsible for implementing this action plan.

1)  Reduce the size and expenses of federal government by at least 45 to 50%. Once the cuts move the budget into the black, apply the balance of savings to the Debt.

2)  No special perks for the President or Congress that the general tax payers don’t have, i.e. no special health care or retirement.  Apply the savings to the Debt.

3)  Open all federal lands for safe oil and gas exploration.  Use revenues to pay down Debt.

4)  Reduce at least 35% of federal government jobs over a five year period with a reduction of 10% coming in year one. Apply the savings to Debt payment.

5)  Institute a uniform smart tax plan that will massively reduce bureaucracy and stimulate the economy.  Use the increase in revenues to pay on the Debt.

6)  Collect delinquent taxes due from current politicians and government workers.  If they won’t or can’t pay, they are immediately terminated or prosecuted.  Use this money to pay on Debt.

7)  Require current and future budgets to be in the black, creating annual reserves that can be used only to retire Debt or for national defense in times of crisis.

8)  Seize all assets held by Terrorist organizations in US financial markets and organizations and apply funds to the Debt.

9)  Rescind all policies and programs that currently fund special incentives for prior elected officials or bureaucrats.  Apply the savings to the Debt.

10) Rescind all legislation that is determined to be unconstitutional.  Use cost savings to pay down Debt.

11) De-fund all Anti-American / Anti-Constitutional organizations; reallocate funds to pay down Debt. This would include the de-funding of the Anti-American United Nations

12) Repeal Obama Care; apply all savings to pay down the Debt.

Work the Plan

The citizens of the U.S. must be relentless in demanding these actions and in applying pressure on elected officials to work this plan and get America back on track financially, now.

No small effort will work; this is a BIG problem that warrants a BIG effort from all Americans.

The 2010 budget was $3.552 trillion with projected revenue of only $2.381 trillion.  NOTE: that was the last budget produced by the Obama administration at this writing.) The budget must be reduced by approximately 45 to 50% in order to produce a surplus of $900 billion annually to pay the current $432 billion in interest and begin to aggressively pay approximately $500 billion annually on the U.S. Federal Debt.

How on earth do you run a government without a BUDGET?  It’s lunacy.  Elected Politicians and Bureaucrats have led the U.S. into this problem.  It is up to the citizens to lead out in demanding that this plan be implemented, now.

Transparency and Accountability

One of the keys to a successful Debt Freedom plan for a family, business, organization or Government is Accountability.

No More New Debt.  Pressure Congress to place a moratorium on all new legislation that adds to the U.S. Federal Debt.

Stimulate economy by reducing taxes by 15 to 20% on businesses that create new jobs.

The classic definition of Insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  We must make major changes in our national financial behavior.

The President and Congress must report debt reduction monthly to the American public.  Regular reporting on the U.S. Federal Debt reduction must be a priority.

Demand a 3 term limit on Congressmen and 2 terms limit on Senators.  They won’t submit to this initially; keep voting them out of office until they pass this provision.

Ask citizens and congress to pray daily for a Miracle.  We need one!




Next Steps…

Be proactive in voting for conservative candidates that will support “Term Limits” and “Balanced Budgets”.

Get your family out of debt. Following are some great resources.





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